Unpublished Works in Progress

As a writer yet to be published, I can only speak to the novels I am working on in order to give you an idea of what kind of fiction lies close to my heart. I hope these WIPs spark your curiosity!


The Reluctant traveler

The Reluctant Traveler is a work of Women's Fiction made unique by its amalgamation of humor and sincerity. Profound questions of life and death, love and identity are brought to the surface when Kristin Caine, a bona fide travelphobe and worry wart who is merely going through the motions of life, tries to complete her dying mother’s bucket list with many stumbles along the way. She also falls for a woman, which adds another layer to her awakening.



Resurrecting Annie Wolff is also Women's Fiction and the story about a woman's return to the children she left eight years earlier because of a maternal legacy of depression and suicide. After discovering news that compels her to leave her self-imposed exile to go home to check on the children, she is roped back into their lives in a way that forces her to face the possibility of living - and loving - again.

Streetlights cover4.jpg


Streetlights is a YA novel set in contemporary Chicago where romance and suspense meet light speculative elements. The novel follows Lucy Colton, a reserved straight-A student, who has to reconsider her rigid ideals in order to find a place to belong when she falls for a magnetic thief whose psychokinetic abilities are linked to Lucy’s own past.